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Check to see if any body parts are falling off.
No? You and your passengers are still in one piece? If you're not hurt, try to assess the scene.

How's your car?
Flip on your hazards (hint: look on the dashboard for a button with a triangle on it). If you're safe from oncoming traffic, turn off your car and get out. If your car is drivable, move it off to the side of the road.

Call the cops!
Painful as this seems, calling the police is the best thing to do. Depending on where you are, they may not come to the scene to check things out. But at least you've reported the accident.

Call the 'rents.
Seriously, they may wig out about the car later, but right now they just want to know that you're okay. Plus, they can come and pick you up if you need a ride.

Call your insurance company.
The sooner they know what happened, the sooner they can help you out. If you have your insurance card handy, that will be very helpful. Your mom and dad should have the necessary info if you don't.

Zip it!
Right now, the only people you should be talking to are your parents, the police and your insurance company. That's it. Even if the other driver is a complete fruit loop and is yelling at you or asking you questions, stay calm and be quiet. An argument will only make things worse.

Get the facts before the other driver gets away.
Even if you're shaken up, find a pencil and a scrap of paper and scribble down the name, address, phone number and driver's license number for the other driver and any witnesses. If you can get their insurance company info, even better.

Don't beat yourself up!
Even the best drivers get in accidents now and then. You feel pretty bad now, but you'll get over it. Hey, eventually even your parents will get over it!