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Texting and driving.

It's never a good ides to use your cell phone while driving - it's just not safe. But if you absolutely must take (or make) a call while driving, here are some ways to do it safer.

Don't text.

texting while driving takes your eyes off the road and your hands off the wheel. The best prattice is not to do it. You could get a ticket in some states.

Know the law.

In some cities and states, using your cell while driving is illegal, To see witch laws apply to you, review the latest cell-phone-and texting-while-driving laws from the National Conference of State Legislatures.

Dial sensibly.

If you absolutely must place a call, do it before you pull into traffic or wait until you aren't moving - lake at a red light. Dial a few numbers, check the road and your mirrors, then continue. Or, use speed dial or voice activation.

Get a headset

While talking on your cell, use a headset - or another hands-free accessory- to keep both hands on the wheel

Keep your phone where you can reach it.

Lost in the deep recesses of your gym bag or purse is not the best place for it. If you have to answer the phone, it is best to avoid having to dig for it.

Don't Drive angry.

Avoid having stressfull conversations while you'r behind the wheel. If that's the time your sister chooses to yell at you about taking her stuff, ask if you can talk about it when you get home.

Don't write down numbers.

If someone needs to give you a number, ask them to call you back and leave it on your voice mail.

Ice + Snow + Driving + Cell Phones = Good news and bad news

The good news is, you can let people know you'll be late and call if you or someone else needsit. The bad news is it will be even harder to drive if you talk on your cell while driving in bad conditions. Try to keep it short.

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